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Buffalo Dandy

"The case is perfect for carrying a few business cards to that holiday work mixer, and the subtle elegance is sure to make a lasting impression on anyone who happens to lay eyes on it. The case could easily double as a wallet, but with all the cards I have to carry these days, I didn’t want it to get wrecked and thought it was too nice to use as my every day wallet. If you’re looking for quality made, beautifully crafted yet affordable leather goods, I highly recommend checking out Holdall & Co’s new line."

A Gentleman's Luxuries - follow up post

After doing a lovely blog post on his blog A Gentleman's Luxuries, Ebenezer Gentle loved our products so much he purchased one of our 12" folios and in a later blog post said:
"A little while ago I wrote about Holdall & Co, a company I was quite excited about. I have now gone ahead and bought one of their folios I liked so much and I'm quite pleased with it. I went for the 12" one which is big enough for me to carry my tablet and the basics I usually carry to and from work, or to a meeting.
This folio is handmade in England and is of immaculate quality. It also looks good in it's very classic design. This is a timeless piece which I think enhances the style of the person carrying it. It provides a touch of elegance and style which is quite satisfying."

Grey Fox Blog; review of our new wallets.

Our new Cardfold and Wallet was developed with the help from Grey Fox readers, so who better to review our Chestnut wallet than the man himself. This is what David had to say;

"Rai Navickaite of Holdall & Co has developed beautiful leather wallets and cardfolds. Her designs take into account the views of customers, many Grey Fox readers, obtained by questionnaire. The result has been that both items are very slim in size. I've been using a wallet for weeks and have found it ideal as it's slim shape doesn't show or place a strain on the pockets of jackets, jeans or trousers."

Rai gave me more information, as follows:

When I did the questionnaire the general feedback was that a wallet must be slim and fit in their jacket/suit pocket, yet have enough space to fit different currency notes (for when traveling) and space for 2-4 cards.

The other thing that everyone agreed on was that they wanted it made from good quality leather because they want it to be durable, as wallets get so much use. The other points where that they wanted the design to be simple, fuss-free and have no branding on the outside - preferably it shouldn't cost more than £100.

Some mentioned they own two wallets for day and night (as most only wanted to take a few cards with them), which is why I launched the wallet and cardfold, to allow a choice but kept them really affordable so that both could be purchased for only £90.

All of the products are 100% made in England by the same craftsmen that make the folios, using the same leather so that they'd match and be just as durable and handsome.

The result of this market research is a slimline wallet you can carry in your trouser, jacket or suit pocket. With its hand burnished and stained edges this wallet is refreshingly simple - a minimalist dream. It fits up to three cards in each card slot and first a wide range of international notes with ease, all without stretching or weighing down your pockets.

The cardfold fits up to 3 cards in each card slot; the slots take Oyster cards, business cards and folded notes as easily, making this a useful case all without stretching or weighing down your pockets.

Both items are made from full grain naturally tanned leather with hand burnished and stained edges (a true mark of craftsmanship). Each wallet and cardfold gets inspected and polished by hand before being shipped out in British made gift boxes (with traditionally applied-by-hand wax seal) and tied with twine.

A Gentleman's Luxuries


"I think the Holdall & Co has succeded in producing products which will stand the test of time. The folio's simple, clean design makes it a very elegant and would be perfectly suitable for any well dressed gentleman. If you buy a folio like this it will be with you for as long as you want, it will not fall victim to shifting fashion and trends."

Read more here:

Chris Chasseaud on Garcon Jon Blog


Chris Chasseaud was spotted with his Holdall & Co 12" Chestnut folio.