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From the post:
" From bread and beverages to cheeses and clothing, any product claiming to be artisanal automatically gains kudos given our continuing love affair with all things ‘vintage’ or ‘heritage’. This week PAUSE throws the spotlight on British brand Holdall & Co. Inspired by a personal collection of English-made vintage cases and bags, the company is gaining acclaim for its handcrafted leather folios, suitable for transporting anything from a trusty tablet/laptop to a copy of your favourite Penguin Classic."
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The Science of Appearance blog

Neil Thornton of The Science of Appearance took one of our folios out for a test drive - using it to style a smart and casual looks.
Neil said:
"This weekend I was privileged enough to get my hands on one of Holdall & Co.‘s beautiful leather folios. A versatile accessory to say the least, these leather crafted folios act as the perfect carrier for important work documents, Fashion Week notebooks or as chicest laptop case around."