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52 Designs 52 Weeks

Part of our big relaunch brings with it a fun (yet ambitious) challenge. Since starting Holdall & Co over 7 years ago, we’ve discussed and dreamed of making countless new products that were exciting, meaningful, experimental, fun and even just practical things that we needed.

However as with a lot of stuff when you’re running a company and doing the work of 4 different people, something else took priority and it just didn’t happen. Our lives have changed so much since having Lukas, and with that usually comes a lot of reflection - which is what we did a LOT of in 2019. With that came some big decisions as we’ve realised that the business we’ve built wasn’t going in the direction that was a true reflection of us, and the thing that we love doing most of all is being able to create.
So in deciding to follow our passion to create, we’re launching our #52designs52weeks challenge - a new product every week in 2020.

We’ve not set ourselves any rules, other than to create something new that we love, every week. We’re so excited and we hope that you’ll come on this journey with us.