Headphone Wraps
Headphone Wraps

Headphone Wraps

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The Headphone Wraps

Dimensions: 6.5cm x 5cm

Cut from the same full-grain bridle leather that our other pieces are crafted from; our Headphone Wraps are cut and burnished all by hand, with the same loving attention to detail.

Carefully engineered to accommodate a wide range of earbud and over-ear headphones, the wrap can also be used to wind-up and organise cables for studio style headphones, phone charger cables and USB device cables.

The wrap features two notches to secure cables and a dog-bone shape for easy cable winding.

This beautifully understated piece can be personalised with a monogram for that extra bespoke finish. Monograms are heat embossed for maximum durability, using our custom-machined brass type on our American-made heat embossing machine.