Historics of Style

From the article:
" I don't know about you but i'm getting a little tired of the 'man bag', men using their shoulders to support their bags whatever happened to doctor bags, briefcases and holdalls men using pure strength to carry belongings! Which brings me in a round about way to the actual point of this post i'm bored of the man bag and want to see men carrying something a bit more stylish like a british made, leather covered holdall with a snap-shut lock and ingenious newspaper/umbrella loop on it's rear, to specific i hear you cry, but no Holdall &Co have heard my prayers.  Since 2012 they have been crafting stylish under arm folio bags, which you can now buy in two sizes and two shades -London Tan and Chestnut-  for all your man carrying needs, perfect for documents, i know your thinking documents? this isn't the nineties, although i am convinced people still carry documents the folios do of course fit slimline laptops for the modern day working man and as the website states 'the folio comfortably fits notebooks, journals/periodicals (e.g. Wired, Monocle etc)' excellent news. I also highly recommend you visit the companies brand new blog the first post just a Q&A with Eric Musgrave of Drapers Record a very nice start though going to be hard to top i have to say. Heres what founder Raimonda Navickaite says about the whole thing: "I wanted to design a product that was timeless yet classically modernist; a product that was made from the highest quality materials by expert hands so that it could go on to become a vintage piece with your own story." and she's certainly done that.
So now for you to marvel at these divine bags and  convince all known fellows to purchase one keeping in mind this half inspirational quote i wrote - "If every fellow carried a folio, the fellow would be a happy man' it sort of sounds profound! "