Custom & Bespoke

We offer a range of custom printing, monogramming, embossing and bespoke options for all of our products, allowing customers to express themselves with limitless possibilities. Whether for yourself or as gifts for others, we can work with you to produce a bespoke piece to fit your budget.

Colour Options

We can make any of our products in a range of 11 standard colours to suit your style; including London Tan, Chestnut, Grey, Black, Light Blue, Mint, Yellow, Red, Pink, White and Natural.

Paint Printing Process

Using innovative printing technology, we're able to directly apply messages, patterns, logos and even photo imagery, with white ink, matte and gloss varnishes, and full CMYK colour. 

The Paint process has excellent abrasion resistance, is eco-friendly, flexible and child safe.

Embossed Monogramming

From classic blind-embossed three-letter initials, to nicknames and full names, monograms offer a simple and beautiful way of adding your personal touch.

Embossed Logos & Graphics

From corporate branding to beautiful patterns and textures, we can emboss complex designs on pieces, packaging and accompanying printwork to your specifications up to 200 x 120mm (8x5in) in size, in a wide range of colour foils.

We machine brass embossing plates in our workshop, along with the jigs needed to perfectly place and align embossed designs on pieces.

Bespoke Work

From custom artwork on existing pieces, to new sizes and variations of our designs, we can make pieces tailored to your needs and specifications.

Film & TV

We regularly make pieces and props for film, with clients including Eon Productions Ltd and Warner Brothers Studios.