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How often have you found yourself carrying something with sentimental value? An old watch worn by your grandfather, a jacket that was handed down to you by your father or the leather wallet you received on your 18th birthday.

We believe that when things are well made, with good materials and good workmanship, that they can last a lifetime. They blend with their owner; every mark or blemish telling a story.

Established 2012

Holdall & Co is a designer of luxury leather accessories Handmade in England.

With a love for vintage English-made bags, we began Holdall & Co with the aim of creating stylish and durable products able to withstand the tests of time and to age gracefully; itself becoming vintage pieces one day.

Established in the summer of 2012, we launched with our first product the 'Holdall Folio’, a leather under-arm folio bag made for life; designed to withstand the rigours of regular use and to weather the storms of life in style.

Our collection has since grown to include a mix of smaller pieces to compliment our folios and briefcases. Every product is made with traditional techniques using British made tools, from the finest Bridle leather, by one of the last remaining luggage and case makers in England.

Quality & Heritage

Inspired by her ever-growing collection of British-made vintage cases and bags, founder Raimonda Navickaite began designing a modern bag instilled with the quality, heritage and values inherent in the vintage pieces.

"I spent 7 months developing the perfect design; travelling around England, sourcing the best leather and desperately seeking the skilled hands to make a bag to the same standards I enjoyed with my vintage pieces.

"I knew from the start that our products had to be made in England, so I searched hard to find traditional case makers with decades of experience who would not only ensure longevity, but turn them into a unique piece of art, one that could itself go on to become a vintage piece with your own story.”

Each product is a statement, that of quality, of heritage and of respect; respect for the skills and workmanship that goes into making a quality product. We hope to introduce a new generation to the values and qualities that are embodied by the simple words “Made in Britain.”

Made in Britain

Holdall & Co represents understated timeless luxury to the highest degree - this can be seen by the superior craftsmanship and premium vegetable dyed leathers we use. We're a brand that combines design, function and craftsmanship in perfect harmony - something that is often not seen in mainstream brands which tend to be much more "Logo" driven.

The recent trend of mass marketed products has lead many companies to aim for larger productions, lower costs and higher profits. This has left hundreds of artisanal craftsmen, with generations of experience, out of business. It is very sad that these arts are diminishing, leaving many people who excel in their work, out of jobs.

This was one of the main reasons that we chose Britain as the place to manufacture our bags and leather accessories. We not only manufacture the bags but source all of the components; fittings, leather and packaging from the UK, which further emphasises our dedication to the survival of British craftsmanship.

Every product we design is individually handmade by traditionally skilled British craftsmen who have decades of experience passed on from one generation unto the next. The result is a timeless product reflecting quality and attention to detail.