About The Company

How often have you found yourself carrying something with sentimental value? An old watch worn by your grandfather, a jacket that was handed down to you by your father or the leather wallet you received on your 18th birthday.

We believe that when things are well made, with good materials and good workmanship, that they can last a long time. They blend with their owner; every mark or blemish telling a story.

Established 2012

Holdall & Co is a designer of luxury leather accessories Handmade in England.

With a love for vintage English-made leather goods, we began Holdall & Co with the aim of creating stylish and durable products able to withstand the tests of time and to age gracefully; itself becoming cherished pieces one day.

Established in the summer of 2012, our collection has grown and evolved, blending traditional techniques using British made tools, with innovative technologies and modern engineering, but still always using the highest quality materials and finest full-grain vegetable dyed leather.