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Pair of Bold Bevel Charger Sticker Patches
Pair of Bold Bevel Charger Sticker Patches

Pair of Bold Bevel Charger Sticker Patches

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The Sticker Patches

Fits: British charger plugs and cabled plugs with a flat surface including the Apple iPhone charger.

Set of 2 Sticker Patches

Make sure nobody takes your charger again with this custom leather sticker!

It's time to end the arguments over chargers with our stylish personalised leather sticker; they're not just practical but they look great too.

The perfect gift for the couples, friends, brothers, sisters, parents or even the cousins who have everything else.

Cut from the same full-grain bridle leather that our other pieces are crafted from; our Stick-on Patches are cut and stained all by hand, with the same loving attention to detail.