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Our vintage roots

I recently had the honour to write a guest post for the Grey Fox blog, who asked me to write about my collection of vintage bags and cases. This is something that I really wanted to share with customers, so if you would like to learn more about what inspired our folios, you can read the article in full here: http://www.greyfoxblog.com/2013/07/guest-post-collection-of-vintage.html  

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Leather has been around for as long as men have been hunters and has long earned a reputation for its durability, versatility and strength. Not every designer discloses what leather was used to make their products, but we're proud to state that we only use full-grain naturally tanned leather hides to make our folio bags. Full-grain leather is the strongest and most durable. Full-grain leather means that the hide is just from below the hair and has not been sanded, buffed or snuffed (as opposed to top-grain or corrected leather) to remove imperfections or natural marks on it's surface; the hide proudly displays signs of it's previous life, allowing each bag to inherit the character of the hide it came...

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