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Interview for The Holborn Mag

How did Holdall & Co start?  I did fashion design at university and I left wanting to be a designer. But I then went on and worked for a number of friends buying products and managing websites. Over this time, actually from the start of university, I have been collecting old bags, luggage and cases. Then it came to me – wouldn’t it be good to buy a quality British made product, but at the start of it’s life, unlike all the vintage pieces I had been collecting. I wanted to start creating a little story with a new product, an item I could pass down to my kids, that would last and wouldn’t fall apart like the very old pieces...

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Garcon Jon - Father's Day Gifts

GarçonJon is a menwear style & fashion blog by Jonathan Daniel Pryce, an award winning street & fashion photographer. He has picked his favourite gift ideas for Father's Day, which includes our 12" Organised folio in Black. "As my Father's new obsession is his iPad, it's about time to get him a great cover for it. This Holdall and Co folio is the perfect size and will also fit a Monocle and wallet - perfect for a meeting." Shop : http://www.holdallandco.com/collections/12-folios/products/12-classic-folio-black     Read more from GarconJon here: http://www.garconjon.com

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Mademoiselle Robot

Mademoiselle Robot aka Laetitia recently featured our 12" Organised folio on her blog. She said: "The Holdall & Co folio. Why is it exciting? Well, first I would encourage you to look at it up close: it is a beautiful bag, handmade in England from thick navy bridle leather. It is unisex, fits an iPad and more bits in this size (and there is a larger one that will fit your laptop)."  Shop: http://www.holdallandco.com/collections/12-folios/products/12-classic-folio-mid-blue Read more from Mademoiselle Robot here: http://www.mademoisellerobot.com  

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