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Man/Men Journal - Manufacturing Menswear

This month MAN/MEN launched with a limited edition journal at this season’s London Collections: Men featuring 10 of the UK’s most exciting menswear brands. Photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce and journalist David Evans have put together a series of interviews focused on the people behind the label, looking at each factory, the process, time and craftsmanship involved in the construction of a garment. We feel honoured to be invited to be one of the 10 brands featured, and to be part of a project celebrating the people who create Great British Menswear. Man/Men will culminate in a journal and an online portal (due to launch at the end of October 2014) at

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Grey Fox Blog; review of our new wallets.

Our new Cardfold and Wallet was developed with the help from Grey Fox readers, so who better to review our Chestnut wallet than the man himself. This is what David had to say; "Rai Navickaite of Holdall & Co has developed beautiful leather wallets and cardfolds. Her designs take into account the views of customers, many Grey Fox readers, obtained by questionnaire. The result has been that both items are very slim in size. I've been using a wallet for weeks and have found it ideal as it's slim shape doesn't show or place a strain on the pockets of jackets, jeans or trousers." Rai gave me more information, as follows: When I did the questionnaire the general feedback was...

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